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We will remain committed to African Integration and Border Management

The National Boundary Commission has said that it will remain committed to the promotion of peace, prosperity and integration in border management in the region in line with the African Union treaty on Border issues.

The Director General of the Commission, Surv. Adamu Adaji gave this assurance at the African Border day which held in Abuja.

In his remarks Adaji noted the 2021 border day with the theme “Arts, Culture and Heritage: Levers for Building the African We Want” is geared towards highlighting the importance of arts, socio-cultural heritage in reducing the weight of the borders as barriers of separation between African countries and building a peaceful, prosperous and integrated African continent we want.

He stated that the Government of Nigeria is very conscious of the need to strengthen political, security and socio-economic cooperation between her and her neighbors hence it attaches great importance to the definition and determination of her territorial limits with her neighbors.

This exercise will not only help us to understand our sovereign territorial jurisdiction as a nation-state but also to pave way for effective trans-border relationship between her and her neighbors” he added..

It is on records that Nigeria has made Africa the center-piece of her foreign policy. Nigeria has played a key role in the conceptualization and take off of the African Union Border Program (AU).

Nigeria as a sovereign nation shares international land and maritime borders with 7 countries.

There is no doubt that AUBP have to a large extent succeeded in establishing peace, security and stability in Africa as well as facilitating socio-economic integration and sustainable development in the continent.

This year’s theme recognizes the place of cultural and creative industries in the promotion of regional integration and economic advancement even as African is grappling with the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic

Efe Ovuakporie
Head Information