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National Boundary Commission To Demarcate Benue/Nasarawa interstate Boundary First Quarter of 2022

The Field Demarcation Exercise of Benue/Nasarawa interstate boundary is set to commence first quarter of 2022.
This was disclosed by the Director General National Boundary Commission Surv. Adamu Adaji at a Joint Meeting of Official (JMO) on the Benue/ Nasarawa interstate boundary in Benue state.
The Director-General National Boundary Commission said that the field demarcation will bring about peace and progress in the disputed boundaries.
He noted that after constant meetings and deliberations on the issues affecting the interstate boundary, the two states have resolved to cooperate in the determination and demarcation of the boundary, adopting the 1916, 1919 and 1924 description for the fieldwork demarcation which is expected to commence the first quarter of 2022.
He also added that every effort required to achieving a success story will be applied and called for co-operation to avoid set back during the commencement of the field demarcation.
Surv. Adaji further explained that the demarcation line is for administrative purpose only and not meant a divide between the two states.
The Deputy Governor/Chairman Benue State Boundary Committee, Engr. Benson Abounu emphasized on the important of the field demarcation and the immense benefits derivable from such exercise.
He maintained that the demarcation will aid in building stronger bonds between the sister states, adding that the demarcation of the boundary is not intended in anyway to divide the people but only for administrative convenience.
In his remarks, the Deputy Governor/Chairman, Nasarawa State Boundary Committee, Dr. Emmanuel Akabe explained that the adoption of the 1916, 1919 and 1924 delimitation instrument for the demarcation process will hasten the work and urged both states to cooperate with the National Boundary Commission to achieve this very important task.

Rita Dooshima Bosah
9th December, 2021