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National Boundary Commission meets with top Officials of the Ghana Boundary Commission on Maritime Boundary

  • October 28th, 2021
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The National Boundary Commission (NBC) has held a Joint Technical Meeting of experts with its Ghana counterparts to continue talks on the process of the delimitation of the common maritime boundary between the two countries.

The meeting which was convened at the instance of the government of Nigeria held Tuesday in Abuja, the nation’s capital. Discussions at the meeting primarily focused on ways to amicably resolve the definition of the maritime boundary between Nigeria and Ghana to forestall any possible future crisis that may arise from the shared aquatic resources and other maritime issues. Declaring the meeting open, the Minister of States for Foreign Affairs Hon Ambassador Zubairu Dada who was represented at event by Ambassador Yahaya Faruk urged officials of both countries to come up with enduring solutions that will further strengthen the already existing cordial relationship between Nigeria and Ghana adding that nature has bequeathed both countries with shared culture and values as well as a common boundary in the sea despite geographically being separated by other two countries, Togo and Benin republic. The Minister lauded the concrete steps taken by both countries which is geared towards addressing any concerns that may affect diplomatic ties whilst fostering unity between both countries. He further maintained that it is the responsibility of the federal government to ensure a healthy relationship amongst its neighboring countries. He therefore enjoined the meeting to come up with practical strategies that would ensure that the maritime boundary definition is economically mutually beneficial to the two countries.

The delegation from Ghana was led by the National Coordinator, Maj. Gen. Emmanuel Kotia. The United Nations and the International law of the Sea allows a country to move its boundary up to 200 nautical miles into the sea. Efforts by both countries to resolve the maritime boundary issues in the past has not yielded desired result. After deliberations the meeting constituted a Joint Technical Sub Committee to consider the details of the delimitation of the maritime boundary.

The next meeting is scheduled to hold in the first quarter of 2022 in Ghana.

Efe Ovuakporie
Head information
27 Oct, 2021