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The Department is charged with the responsibility of providing Legal related services to the Commission towards achieving it statutory goals. They include the following functions:

  1. Advocacy, that is representing and defending the Commission in Courts, in Cases instituted for and against it.
  2. Participate in out of Court settlements and other Disputes Resolution Mechanisms.
  • Proffering Legal Advice/Opinion on any issue and interprets Legal Instruments/Documents both Nationally and Internationally on matter/issues relating to the functions and activities of the Commission.
  1. Processes/Vets and Drafts documents such as Contracts and Memoranda of Understanding Agreements for the Commission and Partners, Law Making Processes, Bilateral and Multilateral Agreements/Negotiations inclusive.
  2. Being a Services Department, LSD liaises with other Departments of the Commission, Agencies/Ministries in the performance of the activities and functions of the Commission

The Legal Service Department is headed by a Legal Adviser from the Office of the Honorable Attorney General of Federation and Minster of Justice.