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The Information/Press unit of the Commission plays the Strategic Role of Information Dissemination (in respect of the activities of the Commission) to the outside world. It has the following core functions:

1. Projecting favorably, the image of the Commission through a pro-active mechanism of Informing, Enlightening and Educating the Public on Boundary issues.
2. General Publicity of the Commission’s programmes and Policies.
3. Mass engagement of the public in Boundary issues.
4. Enlightenment and Sensitization Campaigns.
5. Liaising with both Government and Private Print and Electronic Media as vehicles to disseminating News to the public.
6. Serving as the Mouth-Piece/Spokesperson of the Commission.
7. Coordinating every Press related issues
8. The unit is responsible for Pictorial Coverage of all the Commission’s activities/programmes
• It Organizes Photo Exhibition as occasion demands
• Pictures on all the activities of the Commission are produced by the unit for use in the media while albums of events kept.
• Maintains photo library and archives of various Official Photographs.
• The Unit is responsible for the Production of Documentaries for Television Broadcasting.
• Video Coverage of Events for News
• Recording Audios for News
• Produce Jingles and Visuals for Announcement/Advertisement