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The Department of Research and Policy Analysis is responsible for conducting research activities, handling and analyzing policy issues in the Commission. The Department of Research and Policy Analysis is responsible for the following:

i. Carrying out Ethnographic research studies of Nigeria’s Boundaries and adequately make the findings of such research exercise available to the Two-Line Departments of Interstate and International for Operationalization.
ii. Collate, Document and Prepare Periodic Reports and Journals on Projects/Activities of the Commission
iii. Maintain a World-Class Standard Library, fully equipped with standard professional literature and reference materials relevant to Boundary Disputes Resolution and Management,
iv. Carry out Research, Monitoring and Evaluation activities on proposals and projects for the commission.
v. Liaise with several collaborating Institutions on capacity building together with other Departments of the Commission
vi. Develop Research Proposals in conjunction with other Departments of the Commission
vii. Research and prioritize areas of Technical Cooperation between National Boundary Commission and other Boundary Commissions of sister African Countries, and to prepare programmes/projects and terminal reports.
The Department operates under a two (2) unit structure for the effective discharge of its duties. Namely, Library and Archives (Research).

a. Collation and Compilation of Data
b. Serves as Research and Publication arm on Boundary issues, Borderland as well as Conflict Resolution Matters.
c. It is the Focal point of contact with relevant Institutions and Personnel.
d. Conduct Research into Interstate and National Boundary issues with a view to having accurate Geographical and Historical Information on Nigeria’s Boundaries.
e. Research into Policy options that would foster peaceful co-existence in border communities.
f. Organizes workshop, seminars, public lectures etc.

i. Provides up-to-date and timely Information for Policy Formulation.
ii. Serves as Repository for the Commission’s Publications and Documents.
iii. Provides, Processes and Organizes relevant documents on Boundary issues for public use.