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Maritime Boundary Department is saddled with the responsibilities of negotiation, delimitation, delineation and co-ordination of all activities concerning Nigeria’s Maritime Boundaries. Nigeria shares a Maritime Boundary with the Republic of Benin, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana and Sao-Tome and Principe all in the Gulf of Guinea. The Department is also charged with the determination, management and execution of all the relevant processes involved in claiming an Extended Continental Shelf for Nigeria. The Information and Communication Technology Unit (ICT) called the Technology Room is also domiciled in the Maritime Department. Broadly, the Maritime Boundary Department oversee the following:

i. Intervenes and deals with any/all Maritime Boundary disputes that may arise between Nigeria and any of her coastal neighbors with a view to settling the dispute,
ii. In charge of all Nigeria’s Maritime Boundary matters, especially as it concerns Nigeria’s Extended Continental Shelf project, as well as all the Information Technology concerns of the Commission,
iii. Participate, as may be required in the Delimitation of Maritime Boundaries in accordance with the Delimitation instrument or document established for the purpose,
iv. Co-ordinates all activities of Nigeria’s Maritime Boundaries,
v. Liaise with other Maritime Boundary related bodies,
vi. Advise the Federal Government of Nigeria on issues relevant to Nigeria’s International Maritime Boundaries.