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The hitherto Research and Documentation Centre metamorphosed into the present Research and Policy Analysis Department. The activities of the Department are focused on provision of data to line Departments in order to aid boundary dispute resolution, boundary definition process, and peaceful co-existence among the border communities. Programmes and activities of the Department include:

i. Town hall meetings;
ii Research studies of disputed border communities along interstate and international boundaries of Nigeria;
iii Archival search and retrieval of documents/colonial records on boundaries;
iv. Capacity building for staff
v Publication of books, journal and reports

Town Hall Meetings
The Department interfaces with members of the disputed border communities that share common interstate boundaries as an opportunity to assess its collective efforts and relevant issues on the interstate boundaries with a view to advancing the course of boundary demarcation. The meeting is also designed to sensitize and enlighten members of the affected communities on the essence of administrative boundaries and also to articulate views towards finding common ground preparatory to field visits and physical demarcation of the boundary.

Conduct of Ethnographic Studies
Ethnographic studies are carried out in selected States in every geopolitical zone in Nigeria to have accurate geographical and historical data/information on the boundaries with detailed information on people and communities with a view to advancing policy options that will not only promote peaceful co-existence, but also address the lingering boundary disputes.

Retrieval of Archival Records and Documents
The Department embarks on archival searches and retrieval exercises for colonial documents relating to boundaries. The searches may entail visits to International Institutions such as the International Boundaries Research Unit (IBRU) at the University of Durham, United Kingdom; the British National Archives, United Kingdom; the British Library and the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office, as well as, Archives and other relevant institutions within the country.

Research and Publication
The Commission undertakes publication of journals and reproduction of workshop proceedings. Notable among them include: National Boundary Journal on Border Management, Proceedings of Nigeria-Benin and Nigeria-Niger Trans-Border Cooperation Workshop.

Other Activities
i. conduct of borderlands study along interstate and international border corridors where exercise has not been conducted;
ii. fact finding visits to selected interstate border communities where activities of the Commission have been stalled due to insecurity;
iii. sensitization of inhabitants of border communities on the essence of administrative boundaries in Nigeria;
iv. organization of zonal and national workshops on border management;
v. extension of archival search & retrieval of delimitation instruments to zonal archives and research institutes in and outside Nigeria;
vi. digitization and automation of library service.

Services rendered by the Library unit:
i. Provision of up-to-date and timely Information for Policy Formulation.
ii. Serves as Repository for the Commission’s Publications and Documents.
iii. Provides, Processes and Organizes relevant documents on Boundary issues for public use.