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Functions of the Legal Services Department

The Legal Service Department (LSD) is a creation of the National Boundary Commission Establishment Act, 2006 (The Establishment Act). It is one of the Six Departments listed in S17(f) of the Act.
The Department is presently headed by a Legal Adviser (LA) from the Office of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice of the Federation with a complement of Six Assistant Legal Advisers (ALAs) and Two support staff to perform the functions of the Department which include:

i. Providing Legal and Anxiliary Services to the Commission to enable it achieve its statutory functions as listed in section 7 of The Establishment Act.
ii. Representing the Commission in Court Cases in which it is sued in the course of the discharge of its statutory functions.
iii. Proffering Legal Opinions, Advice and Alternatives to the Commission that can engender amicable solutions to issues that may arise in the course of the discharge of its statutory functions.
iv. Preparing and Vetting Documents, Agreements that may be required by the Commission in the discharge of its statutory functions.
v. Liaising with the other Service Departments/Units in the Commission such as the Procurement Unit in order to aid them in the effective discharge of their statutory functions.
vi. Attending Board and Committee Level Meetings where we have membership either in standing or Ad-hoc capacity.
vii. Carrying out any other duties task that may from time to time be assigned to it by the Board/Management of the Commission.

The functions of the Legal Services Department are very broad as it interacts and deals with all the other Departments and Unit in the Commission concerning legal matters. The Department handles all legal advice and opinion which includes the preparation and vetting of all contract’s agreements.