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The Director General is the head as well as the Accounting Officer of the National Boundary Commission.  The Office of the Director General is also the Secretariat of the Commission.  As the administrative head, the Director General overseas the day to day running of the Commission.

The Director General’s Office in addition to the above have the following Unit:

  1. Information Unit:- This unit co-ordinates and handles all publicity pertaining to the activities of the Commission. It liaises with the various media houses to ensure full coverage of Commission’s activities.
  2. Protocol Unit:- This unit handles all official protocol activities of the Commission including the procurement of visas and air tickets for local and international travels.
  3. Internal Audit Unit:-  This unit as the name implies, handles the internal activity of all financial transactions in the Commission.  It liaises and works with the External Auditors who come to audit the books of the Commission annually.
  4. Legal Services Unit: The Office of the Director General also coordinates the activities of the Cameroon-Nigeria Mixed Commission (CNMC) and the Presidential Resettlement Committee in the Lake Chad Area.